Our Meditation Class

by Denise Marlow

Tomorrow night our meditation class is suitable for all levels of practice.  It will be a space for experienced yogis/meditation students, a welcoming space for those new to meditation as well as those who want to deepen their practice.

The focus will be on the practice of meditation, keeping it simple – helping to build confidence to sit comfortably on your own for any amount of time.

We will start with a mindful yoga practice to stretch and relax, then move into pranayama (breathing) practice, followed by our guided meditation.

Mindfulness doesn’t require you to make dramatic changes, we are simply taking time to pause, be still and breathe – becoming comfortable with this.  We won’t be clearing our minds of all thoughts but rather be a passive observer.  This relaxed concentration teaches us how to relate to ourselves watching our mental state rise and fall like our breath, with no expectation of outcome.

A lovely quote from meditation writer Andy Puddicombe relaying a discussion with his meditation teacher sums it up: “When you came here I said that meditation would teach you to be more aware, I never said it would get rid of unpleasant emotions.  It just so happens that when you’re more aware there is very little room for these unpleasant emotions to operate”.

Please feel free to come and join us for a yoga practice and a quiet pause in the lovely Red Hot Yoga studios this Wednesday!



julie fastiggi

Thank you Denise, I knew you would be perfect for this class, that’s why I thought I would try it and i’m very glad I did.
Being very active and a fidgety sort, sitting still is challenging enough for me without a meditation too, however I really liked the format of the class tonight with the mindful moving start, just enough to satisfy my busy limbs and keep them happy for a while before they became still! That did help me and although still personally challenging I could feel it was a little easier coming to stillness. This I shall happily explore again, thank you for making it so welcoming.


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