Test Dummy: Red Hot Yoga

by Tayler Willson for The Guide 2 Surrey

Our resident sports writer Tayler Willson made a flippant remark about Red Hot Yoga. We knew what to expect. He didn’t. We laughed. He didn’t…
“Yoga? That thing that women do because they can’t lift really heavy weights like all us men do? Yeah, I’ve heard of it, why? Oh I’m doing it? Easy” – Tayler Willson, 2015.

That right there, readers, is possibly the most ridiculous, narrow-minded thing I’ve ever said in my life, and I apologise profusely, especially because I can’t/don’t lift heavy weights. I still shake now as I write this article (almost two hours after the session’s conclusion), which demonstrates just how challenging a workout Red Hot Yoga is (or how severely unfit I am).

I attended a one-and-a-half hour full-body work-out session, in circa 40 degree heat, at Guildford’s Red Hot Yogadown North Street. I was greeted at reception by Erin Hiscock, who had advised me what to expect for my first encounter with Red Hot Yoga a few days earlier, and duly I removed my shoes and entered the changing room to get myself ready.

This Body Balance-Focused class aims to not only improve your body and balance (obviously), but to also help put aside life’s stresses and relax – even if only for the session’s duration.

This couldn’t have been more wrong with me initially, however, with my sole focus more or less: DON’T FAINT. Though, as I began to acclimatise and elegantly raise my leg to an almost (probably) perfect Half Moon Pose (our photographer missed that one), the aforementioned feeling of calmness and relaxation came over me like the sweat also had over my puffy, purple face.

I began to see what these people were talking about. Knotting myself up into unorthodox positions really did take my mind off of everything outside of this one room – plus I was no longer worried about passing out.

As time passed, I began to be at one with the session and let what Jane, our instructor, was telling us, really sink in – it became almost hypnotic, which only further enhanced my state of relaxation.

Towards the end of the class, my movement became severely lacklustre and the positions I was earlier nailing down to a tee were looking weak and lackadaisical. Jane had previously told me not to push myself to unhealthy levels on my first class.

I was out of water and near my breaking point. With this is in mind, I duly slumped onto my mat in a heap with only my own sweat and exhaustion for company. I looked around the other Yogis, some of whom were double my age, as they showed me just how wrong my pre-conceptions of Yoga were. Needless to say, I’m gonna ache.

This post is from Tayler Willson’s article ‘Test Dummy:Red Hot Yoga’ on www.theguide2surrey.com



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