Align and Awaken

by Denise Marlow

“We are practising being watchful of the ways in which we are enslaved to outworn beliefs, assumptions and opinions.  And there must be a longing, a deep need to break down these tensions in our body, so that we can really be present and awake rather than enslaved to our habits and tendencies.”  Elena Brower on practising yoga.

What I love about this quote is that it is a reminder to let go when we come to practice yoga.  That there’s no such thing as getting it right –  we can wobble, we can feel super-strong.  We  might breathe comfortably in a challenging asana one day and then next week that might not be there.

As our yoga practice grows the body, breath and mind join together as we move calmly and confidently through our practice.  In this Sunday’s Align and Awaken workshop we will be exploring ways to open the body up to achieve this.

Deepening our practice through a mix of asanas we will work with the body’s anatomy; for example, moving one area of the body to spark an opening elsewhere.  Using ‘anatomy tips’ we can fine tune our alignment and awaken our practice so that it becomes second nature.  This then helps bring consistency to yoga for us as our inner and outer posture becomes the same, when we are holding a pose through strong foundations without creating and holding on to tension.  This work will also be linked in with our breath practice, deepening our breath awareness and letting it be our guide on our mats.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of practice and will be taught as a mindful class mixing fluid movement with longer holds working on a full range of asanas such as, standing and seated poses, inversions and backbends.  We will also have the opportunity to develop our meditation practice by ending with a pranayama practice followed by a guided meditation.



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