Mindful eating: a matter of identity?

by Maria Rigopoulou

Another beautiful sunny day and I’m getting ready for my ‘Mindful Eating: a matter of identity’ workshop at Red Hot Yoga on the 15th of March. I have been collecting my material for a while now and putting everything together for it. I just spent an awesome meditation weekend retreat at the Global Retreat Centre in Oxford and I’m feeling really inspired and invigorated. Racing thoughts and ideas about what I should cover and what people would be more interested in are crowding my mind. Above all, the concept of “ego” and personality are what seem to have been imprinted.  Is personality (i.e.   the collection of preferences and traits we formed over the years) our true self or just a projection of our “egos”, our own individual perception of self? Is this the reason for our heightened “body-consciousness” today? The word “persona” in Latin translates as “actor’s mask”. Is personality just a mask that we are wearing?

It slowly starts to emerge that our “ego” is not our true self and adherence to it leads to an unfulfilling “mindless” life, a sick mind and body. It happens when “mindless” actions and behaviours, including eating, take over. Food and eating is the only and most powerful health intervention that happens daily, because it is one of our primary needs. It is a matter of survival but also identity and communication as food directly connects us with the world around us.  Let’s make it a meaningful and “mindful” connection to truly nourish ourselves and be who we really are. Let food be as incredibly healing as it is ought to be. Let’s be more “soul-conscious” than “body-conscious” and help resolve a serious case of “mistaken” identity “mindfully”.

….and back to planning my workshop again…so I should include “ego”, perceptions and self(-limiting) beliefs….alongside wholefood tips and mood diaries…

With nourishing “mindful” wishes




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  • Fenpruss

    I work with older people and I have to say I adore those who are in their 90’s. There is just soneihtmg special about people who have seen so much of life and endured. They all seem to share a common trait which is an intense interest in other people and the world around them. They also seem to eat of a lot fruit! Maybe these things are the secret to being a beautiful, lively 90 soneihtmg like these lovely women.


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