“I must be doing it wrong”

by Claire Berghorst

This morning whilst teaching a flow class, I instructed the class to come into a gentle supine spinal twist as we started winding down. This is such a restorative twist, which is best described as ‘yummy’. I love to give students an adjustment in this pose as it’s one of those poses that when you adjust you can literally see them relax and soak up that twist. It just feels so good!

As I walked over to my student to adjust her she said: ‘Oh, I must be doing it wrong!’. ‘Nooooo!’ – Firstly the only time that the pose is ‘wrong’ is if you feel uncomfortable, sore, or in any way not right in the pose. If you feel good – the pose is PERFECT. Yes, that’s correct – perfect.

When and why do teachers adjust poses? I want to clarify this for you, because there seems to be a bit of an impression out there that we adjust poses to ‘correct’ them. Again – No. Your pose is perfect. We adjust poses to help students explore their boundaries a little deeper. To feel a bit more, to experience a bit more. That’s it.

If there is anything ‘wrong’ with the pose (I did mention that the pose is perfect didn’t I?) we give verbal adjustments to correct misaligned limbs, hands pointing in the wrong direction etc. No biggie, we all need to learn the poses as a beginner.

So next time your teacher comes over to adjust you – please switch off the dialogue that says ‘What am I doing wrong?’ and replace it with ‘Yay – my pose is perfect – now I get to go a bit deeper!’

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