5 things every beginner yoga student should know

by Clarissa Robertson

1. Have fun in your yoga class! Yoga is one of the good things in life – it makes you look and feel great! Have fun getting to know your body again and enjoy the sensations of trying something you may not have tried since you were 5 years old.

2. Don’t worry about what you look like in a pose. We assure you that every person in the room is concentrating on their own practise. It is hard enough balancing on one leg without trying to take an interest in what anyone else is doing!

3. Yoga is a self-discipline. Your teachers will encourage and guide you, but your practise is exactly that: yours. You progress at your own pace, under your own steam and to your own goals.

4. Your teacher wants you to ask for help. Yoga teachers love sharing their knowledge and experience! That is, after all, why they became teachers in the first place, so when you have questions, whether they be about a posture, a particular sensation you are feeling or any other aspect of your Yoga practise, please ask your teacher! We love sharing our knowledge and there are no stupid questions in the Yoga room.

5. Keep coming back into the room. Whenever you try anything new, you start out on taking the first step on a path to becoming proficient. This can lead to a degree of frustration at the start when you feel you don’t know what you are doing. Give yourself time – no one masters anything in a day. Try different classes; try different teachers, but keep coming back until you find a class and a teacher you can connect with. We promise it is worth it when you do. When you see people with amazing practises, remember that the Yoga didn’t get any easier: they just got better at it and it will happen for you too.


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